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  1. An Sionnach

    An Sionnach Senior Member

    English - Ireland
    Rebonsoir wordreference.com,

    La phrase suivante a inspiré ma question: << les catholiques de ce royaume jouissent dans l'exercice de leur religion >>.

    Comment peut-on traduire l'expression << jouir dans >>? "to enjoy"? Et est-ce que l'on utilise souvent la preposition << dans >> avec le verbe << jouir >>?
  2. lucas-sp Senior Member

    English - Californian
    You're going to have to start giving more context!
    Clearly we're talking about a "jouir de" - in practicing their religion, the Catholics enjoyed certain privileges in keeping with Irish law and of the sort they enjoyed under the reign of Charles II. The Catholics enjoy these privileges when they are practicing Catholicism​, donc "dans l'exercise de leur religion."

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