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  1. ladybug7 Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    Hola! ¿Cómo llaman en inglés al clásico juego del gato, ese que se juega en papel y se hacen X u O? Y cómo puedo decir: " ... y comienza a dibujar un gato", obviamente refiriéndose al juego. Graciaaaaas!!! L.
  2. nmmad Senior Member

    UK, English
    The game with Xs and Os is called Noughts and Crosses (in a grid of 9 spaces), but I've never heard of the cat in it, so perhaps what you are talking about is slightly different.
  3. jmale Senior Member

    Bay Area
    English USA
    In the US, we call it Tic Tac Toe. And the phrase, "comienza a dibujar un gato" might be, 'let's begin the game." Like nmmad, I've never heard the cat expression; at least, here in the US.
  4. ladybug7 Senior Member

    Chile, Spanish
    Well, actually that's how we call it in Chile and now that you mention it, I don't know where that name comes from either! Funny... Anyway, thank you, guys for your help! L.
  5. nmmad Senior Member

    UK, English
    "tic tac toe" is the same as "noughts and crosses", but not sure about the cat!

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