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juicio ejecutivo / juicio ordinario

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by gersaf, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. gersaf New Member

    Español (Argentina)
    I want to make the difference between "juicio ejecutivo" and "juicio ordinario". Normally, the first one is faster than the other, and it is used for banks to claim for debts in overdraft or personal loans.
    The other one is more extensive in period as well as in type of processes.

  2. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo Mod Chicken

    American English
    Hi, gersaf, and welcome to the forum! :)

    From your explanation, I think "juicio" is referring to "processing" and "ejecutivo"/"ordinario" refer to the quality or level of processing.

    You might use normal processing and expedited processing.

    Hope those options help.

  3. gersaf New Member

    Español (Argentina)
    Thanks a lot for your kind assistance!!!


  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo Mod Chicken

    American English
    Fue un placer, gersaf. :)
  5. mac_py New Member

    Both are actually referring to two types of lawsuits in civil law tradition:
    Juicio Ejecutivo: is actually a short lawsuit which only objetive is to collect a debt and where the cause of the debt is not argued. In general, in this type of lawsuits the attorney must only file the IOU or other credit instrument.

    Juicio Ordinario: is a full trial that can be used in many cases but for collection of debt unless there is a reason to argue against it. In an full trial you may use all available pieces of evidence to argue your case.

  6. Mr. Sazú Banned

    Mexico Spanish
    No es cierto que un juicio ejecutivo sea mas corto. Una de las diferencias importantes con los juicios ordinarios es que en el ejecutivo inmediatamente después de que se presenta la demanda, se embargan o secuestran bienes del deudor para garantizar su obligación de pago.

    El juicio ejecutivo tiene como base documentos que tran aperejada ejecución, que es el hecho de embargar bienes al momento de emplazar a la parte demandada.

    Juicio Ordinario: plenary proceeding
    Juicio Ejecutivo: summary proceeding
  7. the boss Senior Member

    Una pequeña aclaración:

    Un summary proceeding no es un juicio ejecutivo.

    Realmente no conozco un término equivalente, por lo que yo diría:
    proceeding seeking issuance of a warrant of attachment, execution, distraint or similar process against all or a substantial part of debtor's assets

  8. Rodrigo Gardner Senior Member

    Monterrey, Mexico
    English - United States, Spanish - Mexico
    Y sí es cierto que el juicio ejecutivo es más corto, aunque esa no es su caratcerística esencial, sin embargo en la realidad sí resulta más corto.

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