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jurors may be excused

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by indymilenita, May 11, 2009.

  1. indymilenita New Member

    colombian spanish
    Jurors may be excused.
    ¿El jurado puede ser excusado? I don't think so..., excusado is bathroom in some countries. HELP on this one...
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  2. Aserolf

    Aserolf Senior Member

    Colorado, USA
    Se necesita más contexto, la oración completa o lo que antecede o sigue.
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  3. indymilenita New Member

    colombian spanish
    I am just trying to translate some courtroom phrases and according with the person that compiled them they are just "standardized expressions"...
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  4. monimani Junior Member

    USA - Spanish
    Puede significar: A los miembros del jurado les permiten retirarse.
    Por ejemplo: You are expected to return to work on any day you're excused from jury duty prior to the end of your regularly scheduled hours.
    Se espera que usted regrese al trabajo el día en que le permitan retirarse de su servicio como jurado antes del término de su horario regular de trabajo.
  5. litiga8or

    litiga8or Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    Rainy Oregon! USA
    That's a problem.

    It's difficult to translate just phrases. Even if they are standard expressions. Translation needs to occur in context. The person who gives you the phrases should also give you some examples. Not examples they just invented -- real examples from real language in use.
  6. aieruz Senior Member

    Euskal Herria
    Un par de sugerencias:

    Los miembros del jurado pueden ser eximidos de permanecer en la sala.
    A los miembros del jurado se les permite ausentarse de la sala. Saludos.
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