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Korean resources suggestions

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by Frank06, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. Frank06

    Frank06 Senior Member

    Nederlands / Dutch (Belgium)

    This thread accepts suggestions for resources that help learners in various aspects of the Korean language. Contributions, upon approval, are to be listed in Korean Resources post.

    Please make sure that your suggestions contain the following items:
    a. URL
    b. a short description of the web page: what information it presents, how the info is presented and so on.
    c. one and only one category label (not necessarily in Korean)
    d. the main language used on the website

    Below is an example contribution:
    Use of this thread
    This thread is maintained only for suggestions. Please check our Korean resources collection before posting suggestions. To do so, click here. In case you find problems with existing links (such as broken links, commercial contents, redundant items etc.), kindly contact a moderator via PM (Personal Message).

    I hope we can all benefit from this asset and contribute to its development.
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  2. seouldavid New Member


    This site contains many online resources helpful in learning Korean, such as Korean language courses and lessons, grammar lessons, vocabulary, useful phrases, as well as the Korean alphabet (Hangul).
  3. oosky New Member

    www★forvo★com/languages/ko/ - a pronunciation dictionary for Korean and other languages. It's presented in English and you can also add words you don't know how to pronounce.

    I can't post links because I'm a new member so you need to replace ★ with the dot
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  4. Carolina24 New Member

    On this site you can watch KoreanTv and to improve pronunciation.
  5. arcticwolf New Member

    English - America

    I am learning Korean through self study like many others. I found this resource for learning Korean through songs.


    The author puts

    1) the lyrics in Korean
    2) the literal translation
    3) the correct translation
    4) grammar notes
    5) definition of every word

    I really like it and admire the work. But also I am using this to make flashcards and learn not only the songs, but also Korean language through songs. I will then do it with dramas. This is using another resource which many may know:


    Both of these are free resources.

    And if anyone wishes to join me, we can make it like an open source project, sharing what the flashcards and work so we can make cards for different songs and scenes in dramas and learn lots of words, grammar and sentences. Just send me a message. I hope this helps others too. I can see a lot of people helping others on this site--it's great.

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