La policia sofocó el alboroto

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  1. moisesfab Junior Member

    Nicaragua Español
    Como es posible traducir esto?
  2. Agente442

    Agente442 Senior Member

    Corregidora, Qro.
    México / Español
    The police crushed the riot
  3. yeehawk Senior Member

    US / English
    Police quelled the riot, police suppressed the riot, police subdued the riot . . .
    Those are some other options, probably more common than "crushed" in non-polemical texts.
  4. mrgshelton

    mrgshelton Senior Member

    Long Beach, California
    The police put down the riot/disturbance
    The police broke up the riot/disturbance
    The police quashed the riot/disturbance
  5. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    I would go with "suppressed" or "quashed"

    rioters are "subdued".

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