Le jeu en vaut-il la chandelle ?

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  1. leprechauns New Member

    I came across this the other day and can't figure it out. I think chandelle is a less-used word for candle: "is the game worth the candle?"

    Does anyone know what this idiom means?
  2. gliamo Senior Member

    France, French
    Is it worth the effort?
  3. Ploupinet

    Ploupinet Senior Member

    Au milieu de l'Eure
    You're right, it means "Is it worth to..."!
  4. leprechauns New Member

    Ah excellent, thanks guys :)
  5. Hani_D Banned


    "Le jeu en vaut la chandelle" = the game is worth the candle? est-ce que c'est vrai?

    "c'est une expression française pour dire que ça vaut le coup."

    Le coup veut dire la tentative?

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  6. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    Yes, the same expression is used in both English and French
  7. watergirl Senior Member

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    English, U.S.A.
    Hey wildan1,
    Just to clarify: you mean the expression "it is worth a shot" is used in both languages, don't you?
    (I can't recall ever hearing "it is worth a candle"!) :confused:
  8. Arrius

    Arrius Senior Member

    English, UK
    Tu as raison: le coup veut dire la tentative ou l'effort, comme dans les expressions coup de main (aide) ou coup d'essai (première tentative). L'expression fait allusion à une partie de cartes nocturne et la chandelle qui l'illumine. Normalemant on n'emploie que la forme négative en anglais: the game isn't worth the candle (et une chandelle a très peu de valeur!).
  9. Hani_D Banned

    Maybe it is used where he comes from :)
  10. Hani_D Banned

    Beaucoup des mercis!
  11. watergirl Senior Member

    San Francisco CA
    English, U.S.A.
    Oops! I stand corrected. The game is worth the candle est bel et bien une expression anglaise. You learn something new every day! :)

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