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  1. divina Senior Member

    Norristown, PA
    English, U.S.

    ¿Cómo se dice "leasing office" en español?

    The office where you go to find out more information about an apartment complex, like if you want to rent an apartment there.

    ¿Oficina de arrendamiento?

    Gracias de antemano.
  2. chamyto

    chamyto Senior Member

    Burgos, Spain
    In Spain "Inmobiliaria" would work.
  3. divina Senior Member

    Norristown, PA
    English, U.S.
    A leasing office is a type of real estate office. It deals with only renting, and is often part of an apartment community.
  4. testoduro Senior Member

    Español(de España)
    I don't think there is a specific term. You would probably just find 'oficina'. In Spain we don't use the word 'arrendamiento' for apartments. If you want to make it clearer, you can say 'oficina de alquileres'. An 'inmobiliaria' does business with various buildings and places, not with just one housing complex.
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  5. divina Senior Member

    Norristown, PA
    English, U.S.
    In the US, we have 'inmobiliarias' too, but they do business mostly with clients who want to buy or sell a property. Apartment communities usually have their own 'oficina de alquileres' on site. Qué interesantes las diferencias de los mercados de diferentes países.

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