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  1. JenCor Junior Member

    Estoy atascada..., ¿por favor, me ayudan?
    "This Agreement regarding communication with or contact between the adoptive children, the adoptive parents and the birthfather is not
    legally enforceable unless the terms of the Agreement are set forth in a written court order".

    Muchas gracias.
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  2. robjh22 Senior Member

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    Hi Jen.

    How about "Jurídicamente vinculante"?
  3. JenCor Junior Member

    I thought of that, but another paragraph states:

    "The parties may enforce the Agreement by starting a civil action in court." Do those two ideas come together? I mean "vinculante" seemS to mean "legally binding" but it does not carry the idea of enforcement..(!??!!) :confused:

    Gracias, Rob. :) Quedo pendiente de tu respuesta.
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  4. robjh22 Senior Member

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    Ha! Jen, I didn't mean to simply re-post the same thing! I mean to say I would say "hacer cumplir" for "enforce" and so I don't know if this harmonizes with "jurídicamente vinculante" or not.
  5. JenCor Junior Member

    Gracias, Rob. Your suggestions were very helpful. I used "jurídicamente vinculante" for the first instance and "hacer cumplir" for the second.
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