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Let's have lunch next week

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Ginoitalia, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Ginoitalia Senior Member

    Maine, USA
    USA, English
    May I please have a translation for the following sentences, from a man to a woman. Grazie.

    Let's have lunch soon.
    How about a day next week?
    My turn to pay (or My turn to treat you).
  2. sciarada Senior Member

    Milano; Italy
    Italian; Italy
    Andiamo a pranzo presto
    Perchè non la prossima settimana?
    Tocca a me pagare
  3. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    A note on "soon" -> "presto"

    If you really meant "Let's go to lunch early, this translation is ok.
    But if you meant "let's go to lunch soon some day", the translation is

    Andiamo a pranzo uno di questi giorni.

  4. Ginoitalia Senior Member

    Maine, USA
    USA, English
    Grazie tutti. Ciao.

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