levantar un acta ante el ministerio público

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  1. _LC_ Senior Member

    I'm translating a text into English. The situations is that I cannot find the equivalence for the frase: "levantar un acta" ante el ministerio público.
    In Mexico we do this when, for example, a child is missing and you want to report that. You go to the Ministerio Público (a government department) and they help you with the papers.

    I'll really appreciate your help!
  2. Dani California

    Dani California Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    From my point of view you are talking about filing a complaint, so I would translate your phrase as: file a complaint with the District Attorney...
    Just an option, do wait for more.
  3. David

    David Senior Member

    file a complaint is correct, pero "el Ministerio Público" no, en mi opinión, se debería traducir como "district attorney," porque este no es un término precisamente igual a "el fiscal," sino el nombre del cargo del fiscal en algunos estados de los EE UU, pero no universal en inglés.

    yo diría "file a complaint with the Office of the Public Prosecutor"... lo cual indica el significado del original en el documento mexicano, sin establecer equivalencia que no existe... En la Florida, por ejemplo, no hay "district attornies," ni tampoco en Inglaterra. Si el fiscal es federal en México, la equivalencia en EE UU sería el "US Attorney," en Canádá otra, en Inglaterra otra, etc.
  4. _LC_ Senior Member

    Thank you both!!
  5. David

    David Senior Member

    Tal vez le sea útil respecto al acta levantada ante el ministerio, el siguiente nota que suelo usar cuando el orig. mexicano haba de querellas y denuncias ante el Ministerio Público.

    11. The text distinguishes between a querella, under Mexican law a complaint made to a prosecutor by the victim of an alleged crime, as compared to a denuncia, a report of allegedly criminal activity made by one other than the victim thereof.
  6. elcarnicero88 Senior Member

    levantar: to draw up
  7. David

    David Senior Member

    "To draw up" is one possible translation of levanter, as in "to draw up a contract," but would be inapposite here. When levanter is used in this sense, it is best, in my view to translate it as "to reduce to writing. "To draw up" implies the creation of a draft, whereas levanter un acta is to complete the formalization of a document that has legal significance.

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