Lithuanian: Declension of abu and abi "both"

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  1. Dhira Simha Senior Member

    Lithuanian abu (masc.) and abi (fem.) are among a few words where the Dual number is still used in Lithuanian. Could somebody help me and give a declination table for them in all cases (NOM., GEN., DAT., ACC., INST., VOC.) for masculine and feminine?

    Masc. Femin.
    Nominative abu abi
    Genitive ? ?
    Dative ? ?
    Accusative ? ?
    Instrumental ? ?
    Locative ? ?

    Dėkoju iš anksto!
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  2. AndrasBP

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    Budapest, Hungary

    The forms of abu/abi are the following (the last case is Locative, the vocative is not really used with this pronoun):

    Gen. abiejų (masc./fem.)
    Dat. abiem (masc./fem.)
    Acc. abu / abi
    Instr. abiem (masc./fem.)
    Loc. abiejuose / abiejose
  3. Dhira Simha Senior Member

    Thank you!

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