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Live out loud

Discussion in 'Lingua Latina (Latin)' started by Nora Nguyen, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Nora Nguyen New Member

    Hi everyone. Recently I'm working in group, to do a research about languages in marketing and I'm confused about the sentence " Live out loud" and how to write it in Latin. Does Latin have any sentence that has the same meaning? Many thanks :)
  2. Cagey post mod

    English - US
    Hello Nora Nguyen,

    We would like to help you, but we need more information.  What does 'Live out loud' mean to you? It is slogan that doesn't have a clear meaning outside of a particular context.  What kind of marketing do you find it used in?  And so  on.  
  3. Nora Nguyen New Member

    Actually I know this slogan has no clear meaning so I just hope there is a translation with the same meaning.. basically " live fully" or " leave an impression on the world." Another, "NOT being ashamed of what others think about where [you've] been and the experiences [you've] had." You will have to be more clear in exactly what you want to say"
  4. ablativ Senior Member

    My suggestion: vitam tuam in libertate et autonomia age!

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