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Logic, my foot.

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Puellam audiam, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Puellam audiam

    Puellam audiam Senior Member

    Taiwanese, Mandarin
    Hi, guys,
    Please read this sentences. And try to help me.

    'You'd think the one thing a computer would be good at was sorting classes and putting them in the right rooms. All it requires is logic,' said Braintree, Head of English.
    'Logic, my foot.Try using logic with Mrs Robbins who won't teach in Room 156 because Laurence Seaforth is next door in 155 and she can't make herself heard for the din his drama class makes...'

    "You'd" = You will probably think = you might think ?
    "my foot"?

  2. --Monty--- Junior Member

    English, England.
    You'd = You would think = You might think

    My foot = General expression meaning "that's obviously a lot of rubbish!"

    For example if something was advertised as "Cheap and affordable" but was actually very expensive, you'd say "Cheap and affordable, my foot!"
  3. Puellam audiam

    Puellam audiam Senior Member

    Taiwanese, Mandarin
    'You would think' means 'It's possible you think'?

    'you will probably think' is much stronger? It's because of this reason, you change it with 'you would think'

    And what about 'you would probably think'?

    Thanks for your help!;)
  4. Pnevma Senior Member

    "you would think", as you say, is stronger. It means "It should be this way." Generally, it's used to say "It should be this way, but it isn't"

    "You'd think Brits and Americans would be able to understand each other." would literally mean "Brit's and Americans should be able to understand each other." And would normally imply "But they don't understand each other."

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