los muelles de un rifle/los resortes de un fusil

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  1. Ratita85 Member

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    I am translating a passage from a Mexican classic: Los de Abajo set during the Mexican Revolution (1925 i think).

    I am having problems with the more specialised war vocabulary. Can anyone help?

    'reconociendo los muelles de su rifel'

    'crujieron los muelles y los resortes de los fusiles'

    I have found 'spring' in the dictionary for both 'muelle' and 'resortes' but that doesn't help me much.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. 0scar Banned

    (Del fr. ressort).

    1. m. muelle (‖ pieza elástica).

    Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

    muelle y resorte es lo mismo
  3. lpfr Senior Member

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    I think that there is no difference between "muelle" and "resorte".
  4. Ratita85 Member

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    So why would the author use both in the same sentence?
  5. lpfr Senior Member

    Paris, France
    France, french
    Good question!
  6. 0scar Banned

    Porque no sabe que son la misma cosa.

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