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  1. Barón de Santiago New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Hi, if someone could help me, I would like to know what exactly ''Low Over'' mean. It's a phrasal verb?

    Here's an example: ''It swung its head low over the water as if to take the scent of what it could not see. ''

    Thanks for your answers.
  2. turkjey5 Senior Member

    English - USA
    At a short distance above the water e.g. two feet above the water.
  3. Barón de Santiago New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    So, ''low over'' means to be at a short distance above something? it's like get closer?

  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo Mod Chicken

    American English
    No, it's not a phrasal verb. The verb + particle combination here is "swung over", which suggests movement in an arc parallel to a surface.

    It swung its head over the water = Movió su cabeza por arriba del agua / Pasó su cabeza arriba del agua

    In this construction, "low" is an adverb that describes the short distance above the water.
  5. Barón de Santiago New Member

    Mexican Spanish
    Thanks fenixpollo, I found your answer very useful!

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