lump sum top-ups

Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by mauuuuu5, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. mauuuuu5 New Member

    Hola estoy mirando un termino del sector asegurador que dice "lump sum top-ups to an existing life insurance contract" la parte que no entiendo es la que tengo resaltada. No se si dice "Un pago de máxima cuantía a un contrato de seguro de vida existente"

  2. grahamcracker Senior Member

    "Lump sum" refers to a total pay out of the policy at one time. I don't know what "top-ups" means. It might be a special term defined in the policy.
  3. dr_monica2k Member

    American English
    From the internet:
    Noun 1. top-up - an amount needed to restore something to its former level
  4. grahamcracker Senior Member

    In that case, it refers to the loss of the policy's value when the policy holder borrows against the policy.
  5. mauuuuu5 New Member

    Thank you I will take the both definitions given and make a translation of the term. Very appreciated.


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