1. groovyrabbit New Member

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    Hello everyone !

    I'm trying to translate my resume in English and I still don't get how to translate maîtrise and DESS. (The first one is a 4 years diploma, the second, 5 years)

    Anyone can help me on that one ?
    I would appreciate your help !

    Many thanks
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  2. Blootone

    Blootone Senior Member

    Saorstát na hÉireann
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    How about "bachelor's degree" (normally 3-4 years' study) and "master's degree" (normally an extra 1 or 2 years after that)?
  3. orc13 Senior Member

    USA, English
    Is it for use in the US or in Britain? If it's for use in the US, a French licence is generally considered more or less the equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts or Science (even though it's only 3 years--in the US a B.A. or B.S. is 4 years long but we often have to take courses outside of our major while in France you specialize pretty much from the beginning).

    The current French/European system of "Master" englobing maîtrise and DEA/DESS corresponds pretty well to an American Masters degree, which is usually 2 years long. So you could write, for Maîtrise: "first year Masters program in ___", and for DESS: "second year (professional) Masters program in ___" (if they are in different subjects). Remember to add if you've done a Masters thesis (mémoire) in each one.
  4. groovyrabbit New Member

    France, French
    Thanks a lot, and especially for the good advice... i should write the thesis i did in each "maitrise"...
    Many thanks !
  5. Bonjour,

    Je recherche la traduction de DESS en anglais, j'ai visite les forums mais je n'ai rien trouve de vraiment concluant.
    Can anybody help?
    Many thanks.
  6. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

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    Welcome, El Caballero Solitario,
    Please tell us more about the context.
  7. Gil Senior Member

    Français, Canada
    Advanced Diploma, Post-Graduate Diploma, Post-Graduate Certification or Post Baccalaureate.
  8. Val74 Member


    Afin de m'ôter définitivement le doute, pouvez-vous me dire lequel de ces deux titres serait l'équivalent du DESS français? En effet, une fois je le trouve traduit par "Master's degree" puis une autre fois par "Postgraduate degree". Personnellement, j'opterais pour le second. Et vous?

    Merci d'avance de m'éclairer sur ce point!
  9. Val74 Member

    Je reviens sur mon message précédent afin de donner un peu plus de contexte. En fait je souhaite postuler auprès d'une organisation à dimension mondiale (pas seulement européenne). Il est demandé au postulant de préciser son niveau d'étude le plus haut. Etant donné que la soumission de candidature se fait en ligne et en anglais, j'ai un déroulé qui me propose aussi bien Master's degree que Postgraduate degree...et j'hésite...
    D'avance merci pour vos lumières!!

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