ma chi sono io!

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Hakkar, Aug 30, 2014.

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    Ciao a tutti.

    Secondo voi come si potrebbe tradurre l'iteriezione Ma chi sono! Ma chi sono! Quando una persona è felice di aver raggiunto qualcosa e si è su di giri?

    Qualcosa tipo come I'm a fucking:warn: beast! ? secondo voi? Grazie in anticipo
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  2. Paulfromitaly

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  3. Hakkar Senior Member

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    Non esiste un contesto perchè è un espressione di gioia, ho spiegato nel primo post in quali circostanze si dice. Un espressione di gioia quando si raggiunge qualcosa che non si crede possibile, ed è molto colloquiale.

    Per la frase di esempio può essere : Ma chi sono ce l'ho fatta! Ma chi sono io Ma chi sono!
  4. amatriciana Senior Member

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    "Who's the man!"
  5. Hakkar Senior Member

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    Thank you, good translation. Do you think there are any other possible equivalents?
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  6. amatriciana Senior Member

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    You really need to give more context. Slang is very context-dependent.

    Who is it?
    A chest-thumping twenty-something-year-old male? "I'm a motherf*-ing beast!"
    A teenage girl? (In this case, I confess I don't know.)
    A Jersey girl now in her mid-thirties? "I rock!"
    Where is it?
    Is it at a wild and raucous party where everyone is between the ages of 17 and 21? Is it at your grandmother's house?
    What did the person just do/accomplish?
    Get into Harvard? Win a poker tournament? Graduate? Run a marathon?
  7. I agree that the question is severely lacking context, but could "look at me!" or "look at me, men!" be general, spontaneous expressions that could be used in the OP case?
  8. I doubt that a single translation would apply across the board. What seems like a statement that can apply to many situations in one language may translate many different ways because in the other language it is context dependent.

    I'm the king of the world.
    Who's the man? (Oops. Already posted in #4.)
    Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out!
    Tiger Woods, move over, there's a new guy in town!
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  9. theartichoke Senior Member

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    Couldn't agree more about need for context, but for some reason, all I could think of was an expression that really grates on me: "who's your daddy?":D Which turns out to be covered with just this meaning in this thread here:
  10. Just to follow that, "Who's your Daddy?" is obviously non-standard and may not necessarily be understood by everyone. Choose your audience for phrases like this. These phrases generally work on the younger crowd who more into movies and Top 40 radio.
  11. amatriciana Senior Member

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    For instance, not many women would say "Who's your Daddy?" ...

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