mantecado = helado (Puerto Rico)

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  1. rosalin Senior Member

    mantecado = helado in Puerto Rico? I keep reading this word for ice cream products instead of what I know, helado. Is mantecado the same as helado in some parts? Gracias.
  2. SydLexia Senior Member

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    It's common in Spain too. It distinguishes 'sorbet' from 'normal ice cream', by the way.

  3. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    ''Mantecado'' (Cuba) - traditional vanilla ice cream.
  4. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
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    In many parts of Puerto Rico they are synonymous. Oftentimes, we refer to the creamier (higher fat content) version, "icecream", as mantecado.
  5. Boricristo Member

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    Aurilla lo que dices es correcto. I usually say helado when I am in the states, only because that word is more common among hispanics (collectively), but when I go to Puerto Rico I only use Mantecado since that is what is more commonly used over there. I actually got made fun of once for using helado when I was there. Something about me speaking too proper! Lol, either way amongst people that know both the colloquialisms and regular mainstream Spanish. It's like the word 'pop' in parts of the North and Midwest and 'soda' in the South and other places. Although we have different words, we all mutually understand 'soft drinks'!
  6. PACOALADROQUE Senior Member

    El Puerto de Santa María (CÁDIZ-ESPAÑA)
    En Cartagena (España), cuando yo era niño, también se decía mantecado al helado típico de vainilla, no existian de otro sabor. Ahora ya apenas se oye la palabra mantecado, referida al helado, excepto en algunas personas muy mayores. Con la llegada de los sabores se dice: Un helado de vainilla, de pistacho, de fresa, de limón, etc.

  7. aurilla Senior Member

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    Am Eng/PR Spanish

    The bottom line is that in Puerto Rico 'mantecado' and 'helado' are synonymous for 'ice cream," regardless of the fat content or flavor.
  8. rosalin Senior Member

    That was the best and easiest answer. Thank you!!!!
  9. Milton Sand

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    In Colombia, we have "helados de mantecado", but "mantecado" just conveys a flavor, not an icecream itself. Just a comment (couldn't help it).
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  10. Boricristo Member

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  11. As Pacoaladroque says in Spain nowadays we hardly ever use the word "mantecado" as " helado" or icecream has become more extended. But, yet, I have recently heard the word " mantecado" referred to a -less usual than before- kind of "helado" but still on sale, which is formed like a bar ( quite big, for about 10 people), is not eaten with a cone but in peaces( each per person) with warfes. the most typical is made of vainilla, but there are also of chocolate, and is usually eaten after dinner by all the diners.
  12. ChrisCashman

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    So the other day i was at a Puerto Rican barbershop getting my hair cut, and someone walks in selling "limber", and several people were like, "alguien quiere limber?" I asked my barber what that was, and he said it's like a "mantecado"

    So.... what's that all about?

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