many glimpses of the yet more ancient history that preceded it

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    I started read "the Fellowship of the Ring" and got stunk in the first sentence.
    "This tale grew in the telling, until it became a history of the Great War of the Ring and included many glimps of the yet more ancient history that preceded it".
    My understanding for this sentence is "魔戒战争史通过人们的口口相传,成为了历史长河中充满闪光的传说."
    我的问题是,"yet more ancinet history that preceded it"这里是不是指这段历史"比在这之前的历史更加充满闪光点"?
    如果是的话,yet 一般来说不是用来表示还没有发生的意思么,为什么在这指之前已经发生的。
  2. stellari Senior Member

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    yet有很多意思。很多情况下和中文里的“还”比较像。这里的意思实际上是even,‘yet more'翻译成“比……还要”即可。我不确定glimpse此处的确切意思是“view”还是“flash”,但是倾向于前者。所以,我试译的后半句是:
  3. zhg Senior Member

    我觉得应该是说,这个关于魔戒的故事中包含了比这段故事更古老的历史。可能指的是魔戒诞生,还有古老的人类矮人精灵Etc的传说之类的历史故事吧。The tale.....included many glimpse of....
  4. Ben pan Senior Member

    “ 直到它变成了一部伟大的(伟大没有道德含义)魔戒之战的历史,并且包含了许多对过往历史的识见
    甚至有点过了,因为后者并不是对前者的推进。 glimpse 虽然指 ”对某事的模糊的意识或体会”, 但在这里,实际上是一种褒奖,所以,不宜为用带贬义的词翻译它,如对..历史的掠影“ 。掠影意思上最接近,但常被用作贬义。我们要选一个最中性的词,所以pass 掉。 ”从中窥到"不够尊重原文。
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  5. BODYholic Senior Member

    Chinese Cantonese
    I think it should be glimpses. It means snapshots.
  6. Ben pan Senior Member

    I donot think so. We shall not use snapshot here. The nuance between them is very subtle. Glimpse here implies an incidental observation and understanding of the preceding age, incidental but not necessarily shallow. Whereas snapshot must be about some superficial fact.
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  7. xiaolijie

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    English (UK)
    BODYholic's post is mainly to to correct the typo but the suggested "snapshots" is a good eqivalent for "glimpses" in the context. You seem to have tried to put too much meaning into the word and your choice of "识见" has therefore taken the edge out of the original. You may like to see also stellari's translation of it above.

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