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Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by tonyspeed, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    On a TV show they recently used the word DHekul. After doing some research online it seems it is a Marathi word for clod of dirt. In the subtitles it was translated as inept. Is this word common in Hindi now?
  2. greatbear Banned

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    Never heard it before: I don't think it's used in Hindi. Some TV shows use more than necessary Marathi vocabulary, as most of them get produced in Mumbai: the viewers take such words with hefty pinches of salt, unless the word is likable and becomes widespread.
  3. tonyspeed Senior Member

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    Apparantly, ढेकुल, according to some sites is a word in Hindi meaning see-saw or a seesaw-like contraption used to pull water out of a river/well.

    Not sure if this is the meaning that was intended instead.
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    Sounds close to DHelaa in Urdu meaning the same thing ... a clod of dirt (miTTii kaa DHelaa).

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