marcar los musculos del cuerpo

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  1. salado New Member

    American English - Spanish
    una palabra o frase en inglés para decir cuando alguien quiere "marcar los musculos del cuerpo" para verse mas musculoso.
  2. dbrasco013 Senior Member

    English, USA
    "build muscle" is used for when someone is trying to get bigger muscles, and "to tone your muscles" is used when someone simply wants for the muscles to be more visible but not necessarily bigger.
    So for example:
    I am trying to build more muscle.
    I am trying to tone my muscles.
  3. salado New Member

    American English - Spanish
    I really thank you, bro. It's very useful for me.
  4. Janis Joplin

    Janis Joplin Senior Member

    Ya que no buscar desarrollar ni tonificar ¿que te parece?:

    To define the muscles...
  5. mijoch Banned

    British English

    I agree with Janis.

    The people who do it (physical culturists) often say "to build muscle definition"


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