Me gusta más o prefiero A a/que B (Comparison)

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  1. classrooster New Member

    A couple of easy question...

    1) Which is better said, "Me gusta mas correr que caminar" or "me gusta mas correr a caminar."

    2) Which is better said, "Prefiero dibujar que escribir" or "Prefiero pantiar a esquiar".

    Or possibly both are correct grammar just different meanings.....Thanks for your help!
  2. noelgl Junior Member

    1) "Me gusta mas correr que caminar"

    2) Which is better said, "Prefiero dibujar que escribir" or "Prefiero pantiar a esquiar". Both sound good.
  3. Julvenzor

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    Pantiar (To paint???) doesn't exist, in fact, it's the first time in my life I see something like that.

    "Me gusta m
    ás correr que caminar"

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  4. classrooster New Member

    Thank you!
  5. classrooster New Member

    One more follow-up, me gusta mas fútbol a vólibol. OR me gusta mas el fútbol al vólibol.
  6. juandiego

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    Hi, Classrooster.
    With me gusta más A que B you cannot use the preposition a in between the variables: it has to be que since the comparative construction consists in más... que...
    With the verb preferir is not the same because it already implies more than.
    Finally, notice that in your last question both variables are nouns therefore they need an article: Me gusta más el fútbol que el vóleibol.
  7. Milton Sand

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    In comparisons using "más/menos/igual," you need to use "que" to introduce the second element of the comparison; never "a."

    With the verb "preferir" you can use either "a" or "que" when using infinitives, because each infinitive is working as a subordinated verb but can be treated as a noun too. Still, it is nicer with the "a."


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