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  1. Biz2001 New Member

    English - United States, German - Germany
    Hello all,

    I found this word on a bilingual Spanish-English message board, and searches of the internet don't turn up any translations (though there are plenty of hits indicating its use as slang).

    The original context is: (in reply to someone else)

    "es una mensita a veces... hehe, JK" (=just kidding)

    So it's a joke or a tease, but I have no idea in what way...

  2. ascension

    ascension Senior Member

    New York
    English-United States
    ¿Puede ser el diminutivo de "mensa"?
  3. coquis14

    coquis14 Senior Member

    Entre Macrilandia/Chamamélandia
    Español ,Argentina
    No puede ser , es.;) Menso=tonto=silly
  4. domingo_alegre Senior Member

    Peru -Spanish
    My attempt

    En efecto,... es una forma cariñosa de decir tontita ... (por eso al final pone JK para que no se vaya a tomar en sentido literal sino humorístico)

    hope it helps
  5. Biz2001 New Member

    English - United States, German - Germany
    That's what I thought (forma de cariño)! Gracias a todos!



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