1. Marissita Senior Member

    Estoy traduciendo un discucion entre una pareja:

    El dice: tu eres quien me tiene que seguir a mi y no yo a ti.
    La esposa esta respondiendo: asi es como te gusta, a lo mereo, mero macho, yo tambien tengo que saber donde esta mi hija.

    Como se puede traducir "a lo mereo" y "mero macho." "Mero macho" quiere decir very macho o very chauvenistic?

    Apreciaria cualquier ayuda! Gracias de antemano!
  2. Grekh

    Grekh Senior Member

    Chambéry, France
    Spanish, Mexico
    I know most of the mistakes I corrected are not your fault, but I wanted it to look good.

    And I would say it means "very macho". You know, women say that to men when we want to have control over everything, they call us machos.
  3. Marissita Senior Member

    Thank you! what does "a lo mero" mean?
  4. phillipweissp Junior Member

    Spanish - Bolivia
    The closest translation to "a lo mero" that I can think of would be: totally or very. I believe it is originally a very Mexican expression, but it is used by many spanish speakers now.
  5. Marissita Senior Member

    Thank you!

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