1. stupot

    stupot Senior Member

    Scotland, English
    How could you say 'messed up' in french? or the more prefered expression amongst teenagers is 'fucked up' lol. Could you say 'mal foutu' ?

    • By 'fucked up' i mean as in if something was found to be weird... often my friends say ''haha that's fucked up man!! '' lol.
    Any suggestions? Merci beaucoup xxxx
  2. meluesine Junior Member

    France - français
    There are many ways to say it. I'm no longer a French teenager but I think they still use "fait chier", contraction of "ça fait chier".
  3. Subtitling girl

    Subtitling girl Senior Member

    Belgium - French
    In this case, my nephews and niece often use "ça craint"...
  4. stupot

    stupot Senior Member

    Scotland, English
    lol thanks very much :)
  5. mignardise Senior Member

    US & Canada, English
    Yes, I've heard that too... they say it all the time, it's the equivalent of "That sucks!"

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