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mettre sur le tapis

Discussion in 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' started by chsbellboy, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. chsbellboy Junior Member

    English- United States
    Can anyone translate mettre sur le tapis into English?
  2. anangelaway

    anangelaway Senior Member


    In what context exactly? Could it be instead ''mettre au tapis?''
    As when you play cards for instance or Judoka?
  3. Agnès E.

    Agnès E. Senior Member

    France, French
    Mettre une question sur le tapis = refer to something, mention something, talk about something.
  4. french4beth

    french4beth Senior Member

    There's also 'to be called on the carpet' meaning you have to account for your actions/be held accountable for something.
  5. lucyjane Junior Member

    England, British English
    I've heard this used in secondary schools where I work in the sense of 'it knocked me for six' or 'it really knocked me out'; 'it bowled me over', or something similar! English idioms a bit rusty these days!
  6. zam

    zam Senior Member

    England -french (mother tongue) & english
    'mettre une affaire/question sur le tapis'

    = to bring the question/issue to the fore
  7. zam

    zam Senior Member

    England -french (mother tongue) & english
    = mettre au tapis
  8. irka_hcmc Senior Member

    Vietnam, Saigon
    French, Dijon
    Thanks zam for the explanation : to bring the question/issue to the fore. I think that's very correct, i was doubting for a while before i saw that. :p
  9. Brunonian Senior Member

    English, United States
    I would translate it as "to put on the table."
  10. FileFantasy Junior Member

    I'd say "to put on the carpet" unless there's more you can tell us about your phrase.
  11. wannabebelge Senior Member

    English USA
    I confirm 'put it on the table'

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