Modal verbs

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  1. kuwait New Member

    Hello ...

    please i need help in contrasting the modality in english and arabic .

    how do they differ?

    any website i can use ?

    thanks ,
  2. Mahaodeh Senior Member

    Arabic and English
  3. Tilmeedh Senior Member

    English (Canada)
    These links might help you even though they don't mention Arabic specifically, as you might be able to figure out the Arabic equivalent(s) of English modals if you have specific contexts to consider:

    The Wikipedia articles Modal_verb and English_modal_verb







    (The last link is a .ps file.)

    Good luck, and if you find any informative resources on this topic other than the one Mahaodeh linked to, please mention them here!
  4. kuwait New Member

    Thanks guys for ur help

    Tilmeedha .. i did not found any thing new :)

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