1. pcs New Member

    Greece, Greek
    Would you please let me know what "morenaza" means in Spanish?

    Thank you!
  2. Antpax

    Antpax Ex-Moderador

    Spanish Spain
    Hi pcs,

    It would depend on the context but I would say it is talking about a very pretty dark haired woman or maybe a very pretty sun tanned girl.

    But as I have said without context is very complicated to know.

  3. laydiC

    laydiC Senior Member

    Puerto Rico, USA spanglish
    A gorgeous brunette = Moneraza
  4. voquible New Member

    English US / Spanish Venezuela
    The ending -aza or -azo makes things great, beautiful, big or hard - Hemanazo is very common. Carrazo, amigazo, prorrazo, etc. Morena can be a dark haired or dark skinned woman => morenaza: great or beautiful dark haired or skinned woman. It does not have a bad connotation.
  5. Chris K Senior Member

    Tacoma WA, US
    English / US
    ¿Moneraza o morenaza??
  6. voquible New Member

    English US / Spanish Venezuela
    it's MORENAZA, monenaza is obviously a typo
  7. espandalucía Senior Member

    Huelva, Currently - EEUU
    Spain, Spanish
    It's just like what Ant said: either a very attractive dark haired or dark skinned woman, most likely even both.

    When you call a woman "una morenaza" it's like saying "one hell of a brunette." (obviously in a positive sense) In fact, I think that -az@ could generally be translated that way.

    Un moratón: a bruise
    --un moratonazo: one hell of a bruise

    Un partido: a match
    --un partidazo: one hell of a match

    Una morena: dark haired/skinned woman
    --una morenaza: one hell of a dark haired/skinned woman.

    Un cuerpo: a body
    --un cuerpazo: one hell of a body
    and so on..
  8. maxpapic Senior Member

    Tampa, FL
    español - República Dominicana
    Necesitamos fotos. :D
  9. helenduffy

    helenduffy Senior Member

    USA, English
    A big beautiful dark-haired (or dark-skinned) woman
  10. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    Por aquí le decimos ''morenas'' a las mulatas y negras. En el caso de ''morenaza'' sería una negra con tremendo cuerpo (If you know what I mean :D). También le decimos ''negronas'' a modo de broma.
  11. Juan Jacob Vilalta

    Juan Jacob Vilalta Banned

    Acá, mujer de piel oscura.
    Inútil intentar adivinar sin más contexto.

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