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movimientos de llamada

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by gcmadrid, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. gcmadrid

    gcmadrid Junior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    British English
    Hi, I am working on a document about massage techniques using bamboo canes, basically I'm correcting an English translation of Spanish text because I have to record the English version for a video. There is a phrase "movimientos de rulo colectores o de llamada". This is a movement using the bamboo cane (or hand even) which encourages the release of liquids from the lymph glands to a certain "collecting point" as such, to be later encouraged to be eliminated or evacuated, via a different massage movement with the bamboo cane. I cannot find the English expression for "movimiento de llamada" anywhere. It just does not sound right to say "calling movement" or "attraction movement". I have searched and searched everywhere on the internet and cannot find an answer. Are there any English or Spanish physiotherapists/massage specialists who can throw some light on this matter for me. It is pretty urgent. Thanks very much.

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