Mr and M, Mrs and Mme?

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  1. jakey Senior Member

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    In the French version of the Harry Potter series, why are the Dursleys referred to as "Mr et Mrs Dursley" ? Are these acceptable abbreviations of M. and Mme. ?

    ex: Mr et Mrs Dursley, qui habitaient au 4, Privet Drive, avaient toujours affirmé ...
  2. Jim69 Senior Member

    Lyon, France
    I beleived that the correct form for these abbreviations are "M et Mme" (without the point after M or the Mme).

    M et Mme Dursley, qui habitaient au 4, du chemin Privet, avaient toujours affirmé ...

    But I searched through the net and found :

    M. et Mme Dursley du no 4 du chemin Privet, étaient fiers de dire qu'ils étaient parfaitement normaux, merci.

    M. with a point...​
  3. Agnès E.

    Agnès E. Senior Member

    France, French
    French versions often keep the English abbreviations Mr. and Mrs. for stories taking place in an English-speaking country, instead of translating them to the French M. and Mme (as well as Herr and Frau for German characters, etc.).

    Little note: French abbreviations have a dot only if the word is cut (M. for Monsieur, Prof. for professeur); they don't have a dot if they include the last letter of the word (Mme for Madame, Melle for Mademoiselle, Me for maître, Dr for docteur, etc.)
  4. aditii Senior Member

    India, hindi, english
    Hi Jakey
    I havent read the french version but I believe that the Dursleys have been referred as Mr and Mrs. Dursley in order to show that this infact is a translation and not the original version. This strategy of translation is common and is known as "l'emprunt" in french.
  5. Jim69 Senior Member

    Lyon, France
    By the way, the "." after "M." is it called "point" or "dot" ?
  6. jakey Senior Member

    English, Aus
    Thank you but... in the audiobooks the reader pronounces the Mr and Mrs abbreviations as Monsieur et Madame!
  7. Jim69 Senior Member

    Lyon, France
    So, it is "M. and Mme Dursley"...
  8. jakey Senior Member

    English, Aus
    In the transcript it's Mr and Mrs.

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