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  1. Vision

    Vision Senior Member

    Español, Cuba
    Cómo decimos mucho gusto en inglés?
    Tengo entendido que se dice (It's) nice to meet you, o Nice meeting you. Se usa también How do you do?

    Saludos y gracias.
  2. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    Hola vision. Nice to meet you es Encantado/a de conocerte mientras que How do you do es Qué tal o Comó estas/a. Mucho gusto sería with pleasure o It's a pleasure (meeting/knowing you). Espero que te sirva.
  3. grumpus Senior Member

    San Diego, CA
    English U.S.
    Hi Vision,

    "nice to meet you" is probably the most common way to meet someone for the first time.
    And when you depart you say,
    "nice meeting you"

    Some people do just say
    For example,

    Grumpus --"Hi, Vision, nice to meet you" (shaking hands)
    Vision -- "pleasure"
    then you go on chatting.

  4. Vision

    Vision Senior Member

    Español, Cuba
    Hi Grumpus,

    Thank you for the information.

    Nice talking to you.

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