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  1. yomacrella Senior Member

    French living in Malaga (Spain)
    Tengo que traducir "en un mundo globalizado, dominado por la información y disponible a todo el mundo existe un vacío en el sector financiero"

    ¿qué os parece? "In a globalized market, dominated by the free information, available to everybody, an emptiness (or lack) in the financial sector exists"
  2. Sabelotodo Senior Member

    Great Lakes Region, USA
    English, United States
    ¿Su oración original era esto?: ...información gratis y disponible...

    Sugiero esto:
    In a global society, dominated by infomation that is free and available to everyone, a void exists in the financial sector.
  3. drlith Senior Member

    The sentence seems badly written in the original. I would try something like "In a world that is globalized, information-driven, and characterized by universal availability, there is a an unfilled void in the financial sector."
  4. yomacrella Senior Member

    French living in Malaga (Spain)
    Muchas gracias a ambos. Es verdad que el texto original no es muy claro.

    Un saludo.
  5. fab 02 New Member


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