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  1. tasha basha

    tasha basha Member

    Helloo - bit of and odd question this, my oral question was,
    "comment searit ton petit ami ideal?"

    Can anyone help me with this answer?

    My ideal boyfriend would make me laugh. He would be tall and handsome as well. I would see him almost every day and would never find him boring!

    THanls very much :)
  2. Nil-the-Frogg

    Nil-the-Frogg Senior Member

    Français (France)
    Oh my! You're looking for a big fat toad! :D

    "Mon petit ami idéal me ferait rire. Il serait également grand et beau ("mignon" is often used too). Je le verrais presque tous les jours et ne le trouverais jamais ennuyeux!"
  3. Ladies

    Ladies New Member

    United States and English
    "Mon petit ami ideal me ferait rire. Il serait grand et beau aussi"

    Those should be the first two.

    (As Nil said. Late post. ^^; )
  4. tasha basha

    tasha basha Member

    Thank you sooo much Ladies and Nil-the-Frogg - great help :)

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