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New hires

Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by ramadanmalah, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. ramadanmalah New Member

    ما معنى hires في هذه الجملة

    * uses to teach Qt to its own new hires
  2. Tracer

    Tracer Senior Member

    Wadi Jinn
    American English
    hire(s) = worker(s), employee(s) = عامل - عمال

    (hiree(s) - with a double -ee, is now used more commonly that hire(s)....probably to fit in with "employee(s)"
  3. إسكندراني

    إسكندراني Senior Member

    أرض الأنجل
    عربي (مصر)ـ | en (gb)
    I've never seen 'hiree' - I wouldn't assume it's acceptable in British English.

    New hires = الموظفين الجدد ، التعيينات الجديدة
  4. Tracer

    Tracer Senior Member

    Wadi Jinn
    American English

    1. See “hiree” in 3d paragraph. (USA newspaper)


    2. See online British publication below. In the 1st paragraph they use “hire”…..in the 2nd paragraph, they use “hiree”:


    3. However, I can't find it in any online dictionary.....but I know it's used widely especially in spoken English.
  5. ramadanmalah New Member

    thank you very much

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