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Discussion in 'Suomi (Finnish)' started by Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Senior Member

    On a TV program about single women meeting men, women participants were talking about having a party and whom they can invite.

    I am not sure what she meant by saying "nihkeetä" here:

    Party planner: Oletteko kysyneet ystäviltänne ja saaneet paljonkin aikaiseksi?
    Woman: Mä olen kysellyt useammaltakin. On ollut vähän nihkeetä.
    Party planner: Ai.

    Woman's friends have said no? (?)
  2. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    People haven't been very enthusiastic about the party. They have shown very little interest in it.

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