no contaban con mi astucia

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  1. emiuly Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Agrentinian spanish
    would you help me traslate this? "no contaban con mi astucia"

    i think we all know who's this saying of?

  2. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo (M)odderator

    American English
    My corrections in red are because capitalization and punctuation are mandatory in this dictionary forum; my suggestion in blue is because that phrase sounds more natural.
    You/They didn't count on my cunning!
    You/They didn't expect my astuteness!

    I got these ideas from the dictionary entry for astucia. Hope they help.

  3. emiuly Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Agrentinian spanish
    Thank you very much.

    You've been very helpful.

    Does it sound funny in english as it certainly does in spanish?
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo (M)odderator

    American English
    No, it doesn't sound funny at all, because it lacks all cultural context. In reality, niether phrase is inherently funny -- all of the humor is in the cultural context of el Chapulín Colorado.

    When someone says "no contaban con mi astucia", you automatically think of the humor you remember from the clumsy, well-intentioned little man in a red grasshopper suit, fighting crime in comedic sketches on TV.

    When someone says "you didn't count on my cunning", you don't think of anything, because it's not a catchphrase that you have ever heard. The closest cultural equivalent in the U.S. would be a phrase from the 60's TV show Get Smart, such as "Missed it by that much."
  5. emiuly Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Agrentinian spanish
    That's good to know.

    Thaks again for your help!
  6. jygberg Member

    Swedish but living in Peru
    I wuz smarter than you thought weren´t I?

    with the caveat that it means a whole lot more when chapulin colorado says it

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