1. maffalditta Senior Member


    How would you say "non-tuition" fees in Spanish?
    It's for a questionnaire where they ask what the non-tuition fees are in different schools:

    "What were the average annual tuition and non-tuition fees paid by pupils?"

    I'd say "tasa de matrícula" for "tuition fee" but I can't think of a term in Spanish for "non-tuition fees": tasas extramatriculares? I don't even think extramaticular exists in Spanish!

    Thank you very much!
  2. Lis48

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    Matrícula is the registration fee. Tuition fees refer to the costs for the actual teaching.
    I suggest gastos de enseñanza y otros gastos (para vivir, alojamiento, comida, libros etc.)
    I seem to remember a word colegiatura???
  3. maffalditta Senior Member

    thanks, that was really helpful!
    colegiatura seems actually possible, only less common, maybe...
    so gastos de enseñanza and otros gastos, perfect!

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