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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by vthebee, Jan 22, 2013.

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    I was reading something in Norwegian online (it was part of a joke) and I came across a sentence which I think I understand but the word order confuses me.
    The sentence reads 'Jeg kjøpte et puslespill for en stund siden og det puslen jeg ferdig på 14 dager.' My understanding of the sentence is that this person bought a puzzle a while ago and finished that puzzle in 14 days. I don't understand the word order in the second half of the sentence (og det puslen jeg ferdig på 14 dager.)

    Why is the verb not in the second position? I think I just would have expected it to read something more like og jeg ferdig det puslen på 14 dager'. Is the way it is written above a common way to write it or could what I wrote also work?

    Takk for hjelpen.
  2. JohanIII

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    It's the correct way of writing it. What you wrote is not, and it also sounds very foreign(-erlike).
    I think there is an important grammatical lesson in there, but wait for other comments, from the more knowledgable in this matter.
  3. myšlenka Senior Member

    First of all, it should be "Jeg kjøpte et puslespill for en stund siden og det puslet jeg ferdig på 14 dager".
    And the verb puslet is in the second position in the second half of the sentence, preceded by the object det which refers back to the puzzle.
  4. vthebee Member

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    Hi thanks for the replies. Thanks for pointing out the mistake re: det puslet. I think maybe I was misunderstanding the sentence, I thought 'og det puslet' was referring back to 'that puzzle', I didn't realise 'å pusle' was a verb also. Thanks Johan III and myšlenka for your help and clearing up my confusion.

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