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o několik dní později

Discussion in 'Čeština (Czech)' started by Kamila_Poland, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Kamila_Poland Junior Member

    Ahoj, everyone :)
    While writing my homework I wanted to use the phrase: "several days later". I thought it would be "několik dní (dnů?) později", but as I typed it into google, I found out that in most cases it's accompanied with "o" in the beginning. So I'd like to ask which one would be correct:

    "Jednou jsem zkusila běhat a několik dní později moje sportování skončilo v nemocnici"
    "Jednou jsem zkusila běhat a o několik dní později moje sportování skončilo v nemocnici"

    Also, I woud be gratefull for an advice if "dní" or "dnů" would be better in this case (Internetová jazyková příručka claims both of them are correct, but are they really fully equivalent?)

    Thanks in advance and Veselé Vánoce! :)
  2. bibax Senior Member

    "o několik dní později" is correct (like in Polish "o parę dni").

    The genitive plural form of the noun "den" oscillates between "dnů" and "dní", similarly "hostů" and "hostí" (= of the guests), "bratrů" and "bratří" (= of the brothers), "knězů" and "kněží" (= of the priests), etc. Both forms are considered to be correct.

    I should say that the form hostů (bratrů, knězů, ...) is used for individual persons and the form hostí (bratří, kněží, ...) is used for a "collective" (team) of guests:

    příjezd jednotlivých hostů ...
    příjezd delegace vzácných hostí ...

    o několik dnů později (the days are individually distinguishable)
    o několik dní později (after a time interval)

    However, I think that nobody makes such a distinction nowadays.
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  3. Kamila_Poland Junior Member

    Well... in Polish it's not that simple with that "o parę", since in this case I would rather say just "parę dni później". But you're right - "o parę" exists as well. I'm not sure how to formulate a rule for that, though. Interesting problem to start on Polish forum :)

    Anyway, thanks for help. Have a nice day. :)

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