Ob es das war?

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  1. _Husby_ Senior Member

    Spain. Spanish&Catalan.

    What's the meaning of "ob es das war?"? Is it something like "I wonder if it's true"?

    Ob es das war? Gerda betrachtete nachdenklich das Foto.

    Vielen Dank!

    Der _Husby_
  2. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    "es" and "das" refer to something mentioned before. So we need more context to answer your question.
  3. perpend

    perpend Senior Member

    American English
    I agree that context lacks.

    Without context, my initial interpretation would be: I wonder if that was it?

    war = was

    in this case, and not

    wahr = true
  4. Perseas Senior Member

    O.k., we need context in order to understand to what "das" and "es" refer. However, I 'd like to concentrate on the structure/logic of the sentence. Do we have to mean a verb before "Ob" (e.g. "Ich frage mich") or can we understand it f. ex. simply as "was war das?" or otherwise? I 'm very interested to know what natives say on this.:)
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  5. _Husby_ Senior Member

    Spain. Spanish&Catalan.
    I beg your pardon. The context before is a whole paragraph telling about this Gerda who reads the newspaper and finds the picture of a plane crash. I'll copy some lines before the sentence of the query:

    Von einer Sekunde auf die andere war der leuchtende Punkt auf dem Bildschirm nicht mehr zu sehen, die Maschine ins Meer gestürzt, und von den dreiunddreissig griechischen Passagieren fehlte jede Spur.

    Ob es das war? Gerda betrachtete nachdenklich das Foto.
  6. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    The sentence is an ellipsis:

    (Sie fragte sich,) ob es das war.

    It could mean something like: Is it over now? (Are they all dead?)

    Maybe she knew one of the passengers.
  7. _Husby_ Senior Member

    Spain. Spanish&Catalan.
    Oh, dann es ist nicht wie ich gedacht hatte. Could you please use the same sentence in a different context?

    Danke schön.
  8. azizz New Member


    Ob es das war - If it was.
  9. _Husby_ Senior Member

    Spain. Spanish&Catalan.
    Dann sagt man "ob es das war wahr" anstatt "ob es war wahr" (if it were true)?
  10. Resa Reader Senior Member

    Sorry, ich glaube das bringt uns nicht wirklich weiter, da "if it was" alleine im Englischen keinen Sinn ergibt. Ich glaube, du hast den Fragesteller damit eher ein bisschen verwirrt.

    Die Bedeutung ist schon die, die Perpend vorgeschlagen hat: "I wonder if this was it."

    So in this contect it could really be: Is that the end of it? (Interpretation: Are they all dead now?)
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  11. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    I think that's wrong.

    I agree with perpend (#3):
    But it's unclear was "that" means.

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  12. Resa Reader Senior Member

    Ich glaube, das war's. = I think that's the end of it. / I think that was it.

    You might also say that when your relationship with your partner has come to an end. You would say it with a tone of finality and resignation.

    Here it was used in a political context (shortly before the end of Wulff's presidency):

  13. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    Dresden, Universum
    German, Germany
    I agree (almost). But I think it is more positive and expresses some hope or disbelieve:
    Is that the end of it? (Interpretation: Are they really all dead now?) - this is a form of Husby's first hypothesis "I wonder if it's true (that they all are dead - Ergänzung: Hutschi)" - in the now given context, of course.

    War das wirklich schon alles?
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  14. azizz New Member

    Why wrong!

    I think you can say "If it was true". Sorry if that's wrong, i just wanted to help you.

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