1. Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker Senior Member

    English Canada
    A student shows me a piece of work and I want to praise him. Or, today, a student showed me his agenda which had a French section with useful phrases. In such cases, I would say "That's good." I've been saying "C'est bon" but I'm not at all sure whether it's that or "C'est bien." Any help would be greatly appreciated. Merci d'avance.
  2. hilinou Member

    french france
    c'est bien would be more appropriate (c'est bon means more good as far as taste is concerned or good in the sense of correct)
  3. Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker Senior Member

    English Canada
    Merci beaucoup hilinou.
  4. BEEKEEPER Senior Member

    France French
    If it is a student I would not write : C'est bien, I would write : Bien
  5. veryshy Senior Member

    Morocco/ Arabic
    To a class-mate, I would say; c'est formidable, superbe,bien....
  6. Aristide Senior Member

    france, french
    You can say "c'est bon" if a student didn't make any mistake in an exercice.
    But if for example, he wrote an essay and did good work: c'est bien.
  7. curds&whey New Member

    English - Australian
    Sorry to revive a very old thread but I had a quick question to add to this discussion... In general conversation, when someone is telling you about something good that's happened to them, would you also say "C'est bien" rather than "c'est bon"? "That's good" is an expression I would frequently use in conversational English whenever the other person is expressing a positive experience or remarking upon something 'good', and I'm never quite sure whether to use bon or bien! I'm going to assume from the above discussion that it's "C'est bien" but just wanted to check!

    Thanks in advance :)
  8. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod

    French (lower Normandy)
    Oui, "c'est bien", c'est bien dans ce cas :D
    Ex : "Et ton entretien s'est bien passé ? Oui, ah, c'est bien, je suis contente pour toi."
  9. Lly4n4 Senior Member

    Paris (ex-Grand Ouest)
    Français (France)
    En tant que trentenaire (est-ce que ça n'est pas ridicule ?), je dirai "c'est cool !"
    Ou "c'est génial, c'est super". "c'est bien" montre un peu moins d'enthousiasme.
  10. Micia93

    Micia93 Senior Member

    in the center of France
    oui, mais il ne faut pas oublier le contexte : c'est un professeur qui parle à un élève, donc "cool" "génial" ..." ne conviennent pas à mon avis
  11. Lly4n4 Senior Member

    Paris (ex-Grand Ouest)
    Français (France)
    Exact, je me suis laissée emportée par la phrase d'exemple de Dear Prudence -_-"

    Dans un contexte d'évaluation, "C'est bien", "Bon travail", "Bravo", "Parfait".

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