Onervaren Oranje kan aan de bak

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    [h=3] [/h] [h=2][/h][h=3]Onervaren Oranje kan aan de bak[/h]
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    "Ik ben benieuwd hoe de nieuwe spelers het doen." Robin van Persie zal voornamelijk gedoeld hebben op de debutanten Daley Blind en Ola John, maar zijn uitspraak kan voor bijna het hele Nederlands elftal gelden.

    Inexperienced newbies can do the trick? My guess. :)
  2. AllegroModerato Senior Member

    Dutch (Netherlands)
    Inexperienced Oranje (nickname for the Dutch national football team) is up for a difficult task.

    There´s an interesting difference between "aan de bak komen" and "aan de bak kunnen". I think it´s like this:
    Aan de bak komen = to get a chance
    Aan de bak kunnen = to have a difficult task ahead

    Other native speakers, please correct me if I´m wrong.
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  3. kindlychung Junior Member

    Could you please explain "aan de bak" a bit further? Thanks!
  4. bibibiben

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    Dutch - Netherlands
    Kindlychung, explains it all. 'Bak' refers to some kind of wooden vessel formerly used on ships to serve food in. It spawned a number of expressions, including 'aan de bak kunnen' and 'aan de bak komen'.

    AllegroModerato, I'm not sure if 'aan de bak kunnen' invariably means that the task is difficult. More often than not, it mainly expresses the idea that 'er is werk aan de winkel' ('there's (a lot of) work to be done').
  5. Peterdg

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    Dutch - Belgium
    As AllegroModerato and Bibibiben have already made clear, the expression is suceptible to interpretation.

    The link thatt was provided by Bibibiben is pretty good. As I interprete it, in this context it means: "getting the chance to prove themselves".

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