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Discussion in 'Suomi (Finnish)' started by Jana337, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    http://www.tracetech.net/sanat/ - English-Finnish (both diretions)
    http://efe.scape.net/index.php Finnish-English, both ways, quite basic
    http://www.ilmainensanakirja.fi/ from and to and number of languages (x20), not always accurate but still quite extensive (in Finnish)
    http://biphome.spray.se/ykskaks/it.html - Swe-Eng-Fi glossary of computer terms
    http://www.sanakirja.org/ Between Finnish and many lanaguages
    http://en.wiktionary.org/ - Wiktionary, the free dictionary (with conjugations and declensions)
    http://fi.wiktionary.org/ - The same site but in Finnish

    http://www.uta.fi/~km56049/finnish/ - brief schemes
    http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/ne...ntNWSAID=25836 -verbs
    http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/ne...ntNWSAID=25835 - nouns and adjectives
    http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/ne...ntNWSAID=25834 - word formation
    http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/ne...ntNWSAID=25839 - word order
    http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/kielenopas/index.html - Finnish grammar (in Finnish)
    http://www.cs.tut.fi/~jkorpela/kielenopas/5.5.html - Finnish abbreviations (in Finnish)
    http://www.cc.jyu.fi/~pamakine/kieli/suomi/ - Finnish grammar, accesible online or for free download; in German, English or Finnish
    http://scripta.kotus.fi/visk/ - Iso suomen kielioppi, verkkoversio - Big Finnish Grammar (in Finnish only), network edition
    http://www.uusikielemme.fi/grammar.html - Finnish grammar (in English)

    http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/ne...ntNWSAID=25833 - a description of sounds (no audio)

    Online courses:
    http://donnerwetter.kielikeskus.hels...arts-index.htm - in particular for tourists
    http://www.fsi-language-courses.org/Content.php?page=Finnish - Foreign Service Institute's language courses (in Public Domain)

    Vocabulary for tourists:
    http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/ne...ntNWSAID=25143 - everyday expressions with audio

    http://virtual.finland.fi/netcomm/ne...ntNWSAID=25832 - about the roots of Finnish
    http://www.kotus.fi/index.phtml?s=1119 - Research Institute for the Languages of Finland; various topics on proper language usage, dialects, slang, history etc; some sections in English
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