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open your eyes

Discussion in 'Català (Catalan)' started by debillot, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. debillot Senior Member

    'Languages open your eyes to a whole new world.'

    Could I say:

    'Idiomes obren els ulls a un món completament nou?
  2. Cento Senior Member

    Catalan & Spanish
    You must use the definite article: "Els idiomes t'obren els ulls a un món completament nou".

    EDIT: We usually say "t'obren els ulls" (t' means to you) rather than "els teus ulls" (your eyes), but it is also possible.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2013
  3. Angelo di fuoco Senior Member

    Russian & German (GER) bilingual
    It's possible, but not really idiomatic. It does sound strange to a native speaker. They told us the same thing about Spanish, and for myself I could register that the same structure (verb + direct & indirect complement object, the direct complement designating a person & the indirect complement designating a thin) rather than the Germanic structur (verb + possessive pronoun + noun, also existing in German) is also valid for Italian, French & Portuguese.
  4. Elessar

    Elessar Senior Member

    Valencian Country
    Catalan (Valencian), Spanish (Spain)
    That way it sounds good.
  5. ernest_

    ernest_ Senior Member

    Catalan, Spain
    "Els idiomes obren els ulls a un món completament nou" doesn't sound good! You definitely need an indirect object, in this case the second-person pronoun "et" would be adequate.

    "Els idiomes t'obren els ulls a un món completament nou"

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