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orejas de soplillo

Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by La Hoja de Arce, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. La Hoja de Arce New Member

    Canada English
    I was listening to a radio program from Spain and they were discussing "orejas de soplillo" and the way to repair the problem surgically. It seemed to be rather a common problem.

    Do you have an English translation for this condition?


    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
  3. sinclair001

    sinclair001 Senior Member

    Orejas prominentes o en soplillo
    [FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]... u orejas "en soplillo", ...
    147 x 202 pixeles - 20k - gif
    www.doctorchamosa.com[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=arial,sans-serif][SIZE=-1]... [/SIZE][/FONT]

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