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Pag may problema ka, wag kang magpapakamatay

Discussion in 'Tagalog and Filipino Languages' started by DreamSeeker, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. DreamSeeker New Member

    Hello, I saw the following on an online posting, but I cannot understand it - can someone help me out?

    I've attached the picture seen as well. 427168_3812599591298_247162526_n.jpg

    I believe it is a humorous line - but don't understand it. Any help is appreciated!
  2. meowchi New Member

    Filipino - Bicolano
    Your right this is a Filipino Joke. :)

    If you have problem, do not commit suicide! Just think of the expenses!

    COFFIN: P20,000
    WAKE: P8,500
    BURIAL: P15,000
    COFEE & BREAD: P1,500
    & most of all, you will also disturb those people working.

    So if you have problem, just text me..

    THE BAR: P75
    NESTEA: P10
    ICE: P5

    That's only for P100! You got it for a very cheap price, and you've got a friend to share it with.
    The message of the joke is -- think of the expenses before killing yourself, if you have problems just call a friend , drink & get drunk!

    Some clarifications:
    "At higit sa lahat, yung mga taong may trabaho, naiistorbo mo pa" (the translation is a bit confusing & i think the phrase is trying to say is that every person is busy enough dealing with their own lives & if you die you'll disrupt their routine because they'll have to visit your wake & burial.)
    "THE BAR: P75" (that's a brand of Vodka)
    "BOY BAWANG: P10" (Junkfood made from fried corn kernels in garlic flavor)

    Hope this helps. If you have questions feel free to ask. :)
  3. Hanna145 New Member

    That's what I like about the Filipino people, they always knew how to deal with their problems. I have so many Filipino friends and I admire their ability to laugh their troubles off. :)

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