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  1. bhoyosm New Member

    spanish- colombia
    Hola todos,
    Mi pregunta hoy es cómo traducir en un dcto legal:parentesco. La frase completa está al final del certificado y dice "se expide para demostrar parentesco".
    Debo decir: Issued to demonstrate kinship, o mejor relationship?

    Esto hace referencia a que algunos certificados, en mi país, son expedidos con el único propósito de mostrar quienes son los padres.

    Gracias por la colaboración.
  2. Sallyb36

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    British UK
    parentesco significa kinship
  3. bhoyosm New Member

    spanish- colombia
    I think I already have the most accurate word in this case. It is parenthood.
  4. bhoyosm New Member

    spanish- colombia
    gracias Sally por tu pronta respuesta. le pregunte a un abogado angloparlante y me dijo que la más apropiada sería parenthood.
  5. Maeron Senior Member

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    "Parenthood" is not at all an appropriate translation for parentesco.

    The meaning of "parenthood" is "the state of being a parent" (la condición de ser padre o madre). This is quite different from parentesco: "Vínculo por consanguinidad, afinidad, adopción, matrimonio u otra relación estable de afectividad análoga a esta."

    "bhoysom", are you letting yourself be misguided by the false friend "parents"-"parientes"?

    Parents (EN): madres/padres (ES)
    Parientes (ES): relatives (EN)

    The English equivalent of parentesco is kinship or familial relationship. "Parenthood" means something quite different, as explaned by the definitions above.
  6. Sallyb36

    Sallyb36 Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    British UK
    si tiene que hacer con los padres entonces seria parenthood, pero la palabra por parentesco es kinship.
  7. BTCarroll Member

    English USA
    Yes, but I have signed 'parent permission slips' for my children, which were labeled at the top 'parentesco.' (For example, to allow my children to travel across national boundries, or for visa applications.) In a case where the legal question concerns biological fatherhood, such a document might be called 'proof of paternity,' or 'proof of parenthood.'
  8. dauda98 Senior Member

    United States
    Well, I must say that kinship includes everyone, including the parents. But, if you know that the document is only trying to establish who the parents are then say parenthood. Why beat around the bush.
  9. spandph

    spandph Senior Member

    I'm going with "parentage" which includes both kinship and parenthood in the definition (depending on the context)
  10. David

    David Senior Member

    School permission slips translated by the PTA president's sister in law are not a good guide to legal translation. Parenthood is the act of being a good mama and papa, as is "parenting," and not to the legal relationship between parent (biological o otherwise) and child.

    Parentesco means kinship (and involves a great many people besides the parents." Usually when a form calls for "parentesco," it is requesting "relationship" to the person in question- For "relationship," the right answer might be grandma, friend, neighbor, baby sitter, ex husband, life partner, whatever it happens to be. If the form said
    "parentesco" in Spanish however, and the people were not actually relatives, but were rather friends or whatever, then the answer could be "ninguno."

    In this particular case, if the certificate indicates a parent-child relationship I think would say "Issued in substantiation of parentage." If the parentesco is something different, I think I would say "Issued in substantiation of relationship by blood or marriage," which is the broadest legal equivalent to parentesco I can think of, and the usual term used in the laws. Kinship tends to be used mostly for probate matters (sucesión).
  11. lulufresa New Member

    Guatemala- español
    Según el Glosario Internacional para el Traductor la mejor palabra es KINSHIP ya que es un termino legal.

    Espero les sirva... :eek:
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  12. javierserrano

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    Bogotá D.C.
    In my opinion, and having to translate the word in a Civil Registry of Birth, David's choice looks pretty much the same as the Notary seal including the phrase.

    I think I'd rather choose yours, David. The seal says:

  13. Fruche Senior Member

    Spanish from Peru and Australian English
    Puedes poner,

    "This document is issued to show proof of parenthood."

    Espero que te sirva.

  14. Iuris Tantum

    Iuris Tantum Banned

    Mexican Spanish
    El parentesco y sus Especies.- El parentesco es el conjunto de vínculos que se establecen entre personas que descienden unas de otras, como los hijos del padre los nietos del abuelo, o bien de un progenitor común, como los hermanos, los tíos y sobrinos, etc. Esto nos lleva a definir el parentesco, diciendo que es el conjunto de relaciones que se establecen entre personas que descienden unas de otras, o de u n progenitor común. (

    parenthood - the state of being a parent (

    So, parenthood for parentesco?

    Creo que no.

    Quizá "kinship" o "family relationship" (
  15. elcarnicero88 Senior Member

    Es kinship o family relationship.

    Parentesco es más general que "parenthood", implica toda clase de parentesco familiar--no necesariamente la de un padre/madre.

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