parler dans le dos de quelqu'un

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  1. Damz Junior Member

    Canada (Québec), french
    Comment traduiriez-vous cette expression en anglais ?

    Would "talk behind someone's back" be appropriate ?

    Merci d'avance !
  2. Arzhela

    Arzhela Senior Member

    J'ai souvent entendu dire pour se moquer de quelqu'un dans son dos : to make fun of someone behind his back, alors j'imagine que votre traduction convient bien...
  3. Monsieur Hoole Senior Member

    Canada English

  4. Le Doc New Member

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Scotland - English
    "talking behind someones back" is commonly used in English

    For example "What's going on? George told me that you have been talking about me behind my back"

    Or - " lets get this into the open - it's not right to talk about him behind his back"

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